For consumers

Always give preference to trusted devices and networks: 

Beware  -  you devices and Internet public or shared networks, as it increases the exposure of your information.

Keep your app up to date: 

The more recent your update, the more secure your device will be. Failure to update opens security holes that can be used by malicious people.

Protect your account: 

Never share the codes we send to your cell phone or email. This may allow third parties to access your JustNep account.

Check the URL: 

When ordering on justnep via the desktop (outside the app), watch out for fake pages with URLs similar to JustNep. Check if the URL starts with " " and if it is encrypted (identified by the presence of the "S" in the "HTTP", https: //).

Check out the comments in the comments: 

See what other guests say about the restaurant and its dishes.

Record your address correctly: 

Give precise information on the delivery address, with supplement (if available) and reference points.

Please note during reception:

When your order has "JustNep Delivery", we will show who the delivery person is, check if it is the same as the photo shown in the app.


When paying at the time of delivery of your order, make sure the amount is correct and if there is an error during the collection, check your bank / mobile phone before paying again.

Check the seal and the conditions of the meal: 

Check that the meal is properly sealed and that the order conditions comply with the restaurant menu;
Be careful with email and fake SMS  - Check if the sender of the email is @ before responding to a contact and do not share your data via SMS or social networks.

Let us know: 

If the meal hasn't arrived or has had a problem, contact us to find out how to fix it.