Justnep is a simple and easy way to order food online. Take advantage of the variety of choices and cuisines that can be delivered to your home or office.

Here's how JustNep works:

How to find a restaurant near you?

Dive into your favorite resturants menu on the Justnep app by entering your address. Well you can easily get many restaurants near you. Then, Select a restaurant that you prefer. You can also choose a restaurant on the map. After choosing a restaurant, you can explore its choices of food.

You are made of what you eat. So, choose your food wisely:

See the pictures of delicious food in your restaurant’s menu. Choose a food that your mood prefers. Customize your food acoording to your choices.If there is an option to add products or sauce, for example pizza, you will be asked for your choice right after clicking on the dish. You can then proceed to ship your order.

Pay after you receive your food at your doorstep:

When you complete the order with delicious dishes, click on "Buy".Now just write your address. Your food will be delivered to that address. Don’t worry about paying for the food before you get your hands on it. You can do the payment after you receive your food.

Make sure you get a Delivery Confirmation:

You can track your food after the completion of your order. Once, your order is confirmed, Justnep will send you an SMS confirmation of your order and information on the delivery time. As the food reaches near your location, our rider will contact you and you can receive your food.